UFC 7.5 Ultimate Ultimate 1995

UFC 7.5 – Ultimate Ultimate 1995

  • UFC 7.5 – Ultimate Ultimate 1995

    UFC 7.5 Ultimate Ultimate 1995

    UFC 7.5


    UFC 7.5: The Ultimate Ultimate (also known as Ultimate Ultimate 1995 or UFC 7.5) was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on December 16, 1995, at the Mammoth Gardens in Denver, Colorado. The event was seen live on pay per view in the United States, and later released on home video.

    Ultimate Ultimate 1995 featured an eight-man tournament with the winner receiving $150,000. The event also featured two alternate fights, which were not shown on the live pay-per-view broadcast.

    The tournament had no weight classes, or weight limits. Each match had no rounds, but a 15-minute time limit was imposed for the quarterfinal and an 18-minute time limit for semi-final round matches in the tournament.

    The finals of the tournament had a 27-minute time limit and, if necessary, a three-minute overtime.

    Ultimate Ultimate 1995 was also the first UFC event to feature judges, who would score the bouts in the event of a draw.

    The referee for the night was ‘Big’ John McCarthy.

    Dan Severn won the tournament by defeating Oleg Taktarov.

    Six of the nine fights ended by submission.


    Weight classMethodRoundTimeNotes
    N/ADan Severndef.Oleg TaktarovUnanimous Decision30:00
    N/ADan Severndef.Tank AbbottUnanimous Decision18:00
    N/AOleg Taktarovdef.Marco RuasUnanimous Decision18:00
    N/ATank Abbottdef.Steve JennumSubmission (neck crank)1:14
    N/ADan Severndef.Paul VarelansSubmission (arm-triangle choke)1:01
    N/AMarco Ruasdef.Keith HackneySubmission (rear-naked choke)2:39
    N/AOleg Taktarovdef.Dave BeneteauSubmission (achilles hold)1:15
    Alternate bouts
    N/AJoe Charlesdef.Scott BessacSubmission (armlock)4:38
    N/AMark Halldef.Trent JenkinsSubmission (armlock)5:29

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