UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagedov vs Connor McGregor

Khabib Nurmagedov vs Connor McGregor

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UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagedov vs Connor McGregor

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Connor vs Khabib – Fight Analisis

Khabib made his fight and won deservedly demonstrating once again that within his grappling division he has no rival.

Yesterday I saw a Connor McGregor fighting in a very static way. With his guard down, overconfident, that he was fighting on the ground very soon and I think that it certainly took its toll.

The ideal strategy I think it would have been to be more aware of not taking the first three rounds to the ground dosing well. Entering the short distance only to hit, that try to hit Khabib closely and take advantage of the last two rounds when it starts to be remarkable fatigue to impose with his striking. But of course it is very easy to say, doing it also against Khabib is much more complicated. Beyond the analysis of the fight, I think that in a serious fight you have to behave and I do not say anything if there is a title at stake.

You can not tolerate a fighter jumping out of the cage to hit another person, just as you can not tolerate them entering the cage to hit a fighter. Reviewing the video you can see how Connor McGregor is arguing with someone from the corner of Khabib when suddenly 2 wrestlers from the corner of Khabib Nurmagedov jump to beat him treacherously. I do not believe in coincidences, I really can not believe that it was not planned in advance.


Suspense to the organization of the security of the UFC event, suspense to the corner of Khabib. Suspense to the strategy of Connor.

It is as important to know how to lose as to know how to win. Khabib behaved like a gang member and that can not be tolerated in a serious league of MMA.

The best fight of the night, without a doubt even though one of the fighters could not continue, was that of Anthony Pettis vs Tony Ferguson

The image that the UFC has given to the eyes of the world in the greatest event until history is shameful. This stain will take a long time to be erased. When a fighter and his corner behave like savages despite having a title at stake they do not help the Mixed Martial Arts at all.


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